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An inspirational true story


Richard Crane



When someone dies it doesn’t have to be the end of the story…

Growing up in a tough neighbourhood on the outskirts of Perth in the 1950/60s was only a small fraction of the surprises life held for a young Richard Crane.

It’s just lucky Edna was in his corner.

Because of Her is an inspirational true story of one woman and her determination to raise a family against the odds.

Warm, witty and written with deep gratitude, Because of Her gently reminds us of the power of family and that sometimes the greatest challenge is life itself.

Because of Her is the perfect gift for mothers and grandmothers everywhere.


Richard Crane

Richard was born and bred in Perth, Western Australia. His grandmother inspired an early love and appreciation for reading, lively conversation and hot scones.

Growing up as part of the large and robust Walsh clan in the working-class suburb of Belmont, life was never dull. Richard considers his family with Nancy as his greatest achievement.

He loves Western Australia’s early morning sunrises, pristine beaches and learning from other cultures.

Following the lead of his ‘mad’ uncles, Richard makes time to laugh often and much.


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